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Aaptiv’s (previously known as Skyfit)  mission is to capture what boutique studios and trainers do best by unpacking their model of music, motivation and sound, and scaling it through audio-based workouts and deliver it straight to your earbuds—whether you’re on the road for work, in-between errands, or on a beach vacation. Aaptiv focused on leveraging technology to bring a high-level of quality and personal direction to the masses, making that boutique experience accessible and immediately available to all, breaking from the current video-instruction trend.

I started working with Aaptiv in early 2016. They had launched Aaptiv as a beta app to test out his vision and brought me in to redesign the service to provide a high end experience for users that chose Aaptiv over other boutique fitness classes. 

Not only did I have to design the visual design, information architecture, user experience, I also had develop the Aaptiv brand - its color palette, imagery, typography and voice. 

A new type of fitness experience

The first challenge was to explain Aaptiv and it's benefits to the user. User's weren't used to guided audio workouts in a market saturated with video-instruction trend. We decided to utilize the app tutorial to explain the experience of guided audio workouts which included guisdance and motivation of a trainer synced with the perfect playlist. Additionally, we used photography to introduce various workout categories Aaptiv offered from running, to cycling, to yoga. 


aaptiv structureaaptiv structure
aaptiv screensaaptiv screens

Aaptiv launched with only treadmill and cycling classes and was gearing up to launch many other categories with the new redesign. For this version, the goal was to give the user an overview of all the fitness categories available on Aaptiv, and from there allow them to explore the class options. Additionally, users wanted the abitlity to filter classes in a category based on challenge level, incline, duration or speed, and based on if they had preveriously taken the class or not. 

other aaptiv screensother aaptiv screens

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