More about me

I'm an immigrant American raised in Liverpool, UK / New Delhi, India / California, USA. I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and a mommy to one tiny human. I now happily reside in the sometimes-sunny, San Francisco. 

For the past 10+ years, I’ve been building and working at startups. I started out in marketing, transitioned into product management and eventually found design, my true calling. In 2015, a startup I founded was acquired by Instacart. I really enjoy solving difficult real-world problems with digital solutions like we’re doing at Instacart. 

These days I enjoy designing design teams and thinking through product strategy. Currently, I’m leading the product design team that serves our Shopper fleet. I built the Shopper design team from 1 designer to a full team that designs products for Instacart's 500,000+ shoppers.  I’m passionate about driving organizational change and am comfortable operating in ambiguous environments. 

Outside of design, I also enjoy and have experience building content marketing channels. I’ve built two lifestyle blogs that had over a million monthly unique visitors. I also enjoy planning complex travel itineraries, interior design, Beyonce, baked goodies, )'(, and pizza. 


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